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Jomo Kenyatta University of Agriculture and Technology Enterprises Limited (JKUATES) in Juja, Kenya 2018

JKUATES received from the Japanese inventor and “champion” of instant noodles, the company NISSIN, a laboratory and a production plant to produce ready meals with instant noodles as a gift. Based on well-known Kenyan raw materials with a positive health image (whole grain wheat flour “atta” and sorghum), formulations in kilogram-scale should be tested, optimized […]

Airlangga University Surabaya, Indonesia 2018

At the Airlangga University, the biggest university in Surabaya, the Faculty of Fisheries and Marine has been in existence for several years. The faculty of mainly young, well-educated scientists are interested to improve: • The internal training and the acquisition of knowledge • Teaching methods in lecture and laboratory work • The laboratory work itself […]

Distillation of essential oils – Macedonia 2018

The former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia offers the best conditions for cultivation and wild collection of medicinal and spice plants due to its favourable climatic conditions. My mission in spring 2018 under the auspices of the organisation “Swisscontact-Senior Expert Corps” was aimed at the take up operation and process optimization of an existing distillation plant. […]

2017 distillation of essential oils in Bulgaria

Bulgaria offers good opportunities due to its favourable climate and good infrastructure to distil essential oils “fresh from the field” from regional plant material. Since I have been 1984 active as well as in the laboratory, pilot and production scale with the distillation, analysis and application of essential oils, so the request from Varna was […]

functional bakery products for young people and students in China

The company Qiangwang flavoring food co. Ltd in China want to establish the production of bakery products with additional health-benefits in the future at the industrial zone of the city of Jieshou, in addition to the main production of bouillon cubes (80.000 ton/a). During my stay as a SES expert in August 2017 conceptual work, […]

Kazakhstan – my second SES experts’ use

In Kazakhstan pasta products are predominantly made from soft wheat flour. Some technological and biochemical aids are needed to bring the pasta to comparable qualities of the world market products. In October 2016, I had the opportunity to support the still  young CESARO company, located near Almaty, during the technological application tests. A task that […]