Airlangga University Surabaya, Indonesia 2018

At the Airlangga University, the biggest university in Surabaya, the Faculty of Fisheries and Marine has been in existence for several years. The faculty of mainly young, well-educated scientists are interested to improve:

The internal training and the acquisition of knowledge

Teaching methods in lecture and laboratory work

The laboratory work itself

Linking with the regional economy

Networking with foreign universities and research institutions

For me a good opportunity to point out the manifold potential initiatives of the enormous number of students. In addition to frontal instruction, examples in lectures and internships were used to use video clips by students, handicraft skills and sensual-sensory experiences in the laboratory work, to involve the students even more intensively in their studies.

I had also the opportunity to refer to one of my favourite topics – the essential oils – at the pharmaceutical faculty.

Contacts with the regional economy have been stabilised and rebuilt to better orient education to the needs of the labour market.