Branches/ Services

Thomann-Consulting supports by acquired knowledge and experiences

  • Producers of agricultural products
  • Processors of vegetable raw materials

special priorities are:

  • Herbs, spices, medicinal plants
  • special crops, drugs (eg. berries, inulin plants, linseed)
  • distillation, extraction and use of essential oils
  • protein plants
  • cereals, grain products, grain analysis
  • functional food and feed
  • soap making

Research and development departments of companies, institutes, universities, NGOs and governmental institutions.

Support in the fields of:

  • design and implementation of research or development projects
  • realization of search
  • evaluation of projects and concepts
  • building networks
  • realization of experimental work in laboratory, pilot plant and production
  • preparation and implementation of workshops, seminars, meetings and conferences
  • presentation of the results of research and development projects
  • preparation and supervision of exhibition, fair and information stands

using the soap machine for demonstration, training, education and show effects (pilot production and rental)